3d72340This is not as complete as the blog article who am I but I am a son of God doing my best to live what I teach and thus spend time daily with the Word and with prayer both with my understanding and in the spirit. I am also an entrepreneur with several business development areas. Besides my study of the Word I have been trained in nursing and with a more holistic emphasis massage therapy. Thus I chose as my mlm opportunity a liquid nutrition company with clinical trials to support their effectiveness. I lost 15 pounds and was able to cut my Dr prescribed medication usage in half using the flagship product there are also energy, weight control, and children’s beverages. For info go to enrich.vemma.com . I also have an affiliate business with a supportive business on line training community, for info go to r2daysman.mlmleadsystempro.com And my wife has an affiliate shopping business and you can even get you own store see first or second web site for shopping or joining in http://www.myshoppingbusiness.com/ricketts-dimit2385 or myaffiliatebusinessllc.com/rickets-dimit2385 I would be honored to have you that read my blog join me on my path to financial prosperity in any or all of these endeavors. Remember you want to be in a business you can believe in and appreciate yourself so that it is a win-win situation. Read my article I think it is post 10 for more info You will get the most from my blog if you start at the beginning and read forward instead of skipping around. I hope this was of value to you. Ps I would also like to draw your attention to a site with some hard to find items that if you like you can order from. It is run by a dear friend please check it out http://www.barbaraselitefindings.com


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