Why Speak in Tongues

Why Speak in Tongues. I thought that when I clicked on the press this button that my article referenced above would be reprinted here. I wanted to refresh my blogs followers memories here in my posts advancement because the manifestations of speaking in tongues and the companion manifestation of interpretation of tongues are uniquely given as part of the new Covenant. People in the old testament with the holy spirit placed upon them, did not have the ability to speak in tongues. The tribulation saints are also not indicated to have this ability. No this ability to bypass our understanding and to pray more perfectly than we would otherwise be able to do is only for our generation, the sons of God. What a privilege we have to be able to speak to God those things that He, God wants us to tell Him, even though we have no way of knowing what it is that He wants to hear. And that is the purpose of tongues, it is not a gift of understanding languages so that we can witness to people whose language we do not understand. If someone suddenly gains the understanding of a foreign language that they previously did not understand, this would be a gift that is not the manifestation of tongues as described in the Bible. It is not recorded that the Apostles on the day of Pentecost understood the languages that they spoke when they spoke in tongues, only that there were people present who heard them speak the wonderful works of God in their own native languages. Neither is it recorded that when Peter stood up that day and taught that first message to the people present that were destined to be a part of the new church that they continued to here the message in their native languages. Because they were all proselytes, if not born Judean, they had in common the Hebrew language. Much as today when we get many together we understand one another better if we have a common language between us. There are stories of people going to different countries and using bible references to communicate for the names of the books and chapters and verses wee at least similar between the languages.


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