New Covenant post three

Walter J Cummins is a tremendous man of God, a researcher that heads up a research team that has recently published volume 2 of a working translation of the Bible that is presented in parallel text with the KJV and has extensive notes that allow the reader to add to their understanding of the text from insight the team has gathered by their study of the Greek texts and other sources.  Volume 1 was published in 2006 and Vol 2 this year 2013.  The name of the books is “A Journey through the Acts and Epistles” .  I heartily encourage the serious Bible student who is in my target audience of this blog to make the effort to obtain their own copies that are available from the publisher “Scripture Consulting” located in Franklin, Ohio 45005.  It is an investment of close to $100 or perhaps a bit more with shipping and handling but in my opinion well worth it to gain advantage of the insight gained from I don’t know how many hours and years of research and study with the goal of getting to the truth not trying to support a specific set of doctrines.  These insights (like every thing else that may get taught to you) need to be taken to the reading and study base that you the individual are building in your lives of what it is that the scriptures say.  Volume 1 covers Acts through Philemon or Acts and the Pauline Epistles, and Volume 2,  Hebrews through Revelation or the rest of the new Testament except the four gospels (the gospels are as I have mentioned already in earlier articles actually the fulfillment of the old Covenant not really part and parcel of the new.  This despite the fact that the new Testament foundation is the subject of the four Gospels and the old testament.)  God remains the same so his revelation about Himself and how He relates to His creation i.e. the Bible as a whole, It all enters in.  The two volumes represent the parts of the Bible that are specific to the new Covenant.  We can learn a lot from the Old testament and indeed having an understanding of it is identified by Paul as the advantage that the Hebrews had over the Gentiles, because God builds upon His earlier communications with the human race just as I on a much smaller scale build my message upon my earlier Articles in this blog till today’s.  And prayerfully you will find that my message and God’s message are the same. but for future reference for now I want you to know that when I refer to a working translation and site Copyright @ 2013 by Walter J Cummins. All rights reserved.  Know that the encircled a is supposed to be an encircled c meaning “circa” instead of “at”  and that it comes from one of these two Volumes of the “Journey through Acts and the Epistles.”  Sorry my keyboard does not allow me to produce the encircled c.  Also if it is from Volume 1 then the year will be 2006 instead of 2013.  Wow all that just to get the housekeeping done.


In the working translation of He 4:16 “Therefore, let us approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace for timely help.” Copyright @ 2013 by Walter J Cummins. All rights reserved.  The KJV reads “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”   Walter further notes that the word translated boldly in the KJV is the Greek word parrhesia (with a long e) and that it means freedom or frankness of speech, outspokenness, a confidence and boldness especially with reference to speaking. That the phrase “in time of need” is read in the peshitta text in time of affliction, and that while the Greek word could be translated or rendered for seasonable help or for timely help, That this seasonable or timely help may well come in one’s time of affliction.  This is an example of how the working translation adds to your understanding of what is written.  This is a promise of God specific to our positions as the children of God in this new Covenant that we enter into with God and His son, that We can be outspoken and frank or we have the right to freely speak before the throne of Grace  to make our requests known that we may receive from God timely help appropriate to the current season of our lives at the time of our affliction.  People are taught that they may ask God for help and then if they do not get their prayer answered right away they could allow room for doubt to enter in and become double minded about the situation.  This opens a door for defeat of obtaining your request as your believing is not single minded or focused on what it is that you want.  (Keep in mind that what you ask God for should be in line with the thoughts you are thinking while learning the Word.)   But if you keep in mind that what help you get from God is to be in a timely fashion at the time that God knows from his superior knowledge and perspective, then you may develop a more patient waiting for it and not doubt that He is going to help you.

Jesus Christ,as the first fruits of the dead, is the first and only glorified human being in heaven at this time.  When he gets sent back towards the earth to meet us in the air, the dead in Christ rise first and then we that are still alive are also changed and also receive the same glorified human body that at present only Jesus has. But on the day that is called the gathering together in II Th 2:1 Jesus is joined by both the dead in Christ and the those that remain alive in Christ till that day in their new glorified bodies.  And thus we begin our “by grace granted” eternal lives from that day forward.  I Co 15 and I Th 4 :13-18.  We all arrive in heaven at the same time.  No other human beings are in heaven till that day.  Aunt Sally or baby Jane are not transformed, when they die, into guardian angels and/or look down from heaven watching over us or acting as our High priest or daysman.  That is the role Jesus is in now but until the gathering together we do not join him in that task.  Death is the last enemy to be destroyed not the Gateway to heaven.  This is how you know that even though the devil has been planting the same lying experience in weakened brains about the near death experience it is a lie.  People will pass lie detector tests about it because like tv or movie shows, when we experience it by thinking it, the brain does not know that it is true or a lie till we tell it so.  When even a common experience goes directly against the Word as the near death experience does, it does not make it true.  God’s Word is written for believers,  to believers and about believers, when you start calling God a liar, by saying I know that it says otherwise in bonafide scriptures but I know what I saw or experienced, we are treading on very shaky ground.  Our senses lie to us all the time.  You can prove this to yourself any day of the week.  The perhaps easiest example of this is to go to a straight section of railroad track and look down the tracks and it sure looks as if there is a point in both directions where the tracks come together to a point.  you walk to that point and lo and behold they are still just as wide as they were and looking back to where you started walking from and  that place where they come together is now where you started your walk down the tracks.  Another example is looking at the moon at the time it is at the horizon and again when it is over head, the moon has not changed sizes but your eyes sure say it did.  It is stated many times in scripture that there is no ability to function as if you were alive when you are dead.  Seances are lies, Paranormal activities are lies.  There may be activity that is noted or registered, but it is not the activities of once alive people. It is not a skill that needs to be developed or mastered.  There are spiritual forces that we do not see every day involved but they are not from God, and they are not going to be a long run blessing to you.  They may entice with short term benefits but the cost is higher than you can imagine.  Saul went to a séance and communicated with a lying Devil Spirit that imitated Samuel, the only new info provided was how the devil planed to kill him and his family. This is info the devil spirit would perhaps know, since the power to kill is the devils He 2 :14.

Don’t allow yourself to be deceived in this area.  It may make for some “good” Sci-fi stories but It is fiction.  Do not invite the devil spirits into your lives so that you can play with the Tarot cards, Sorceries and similar occult activities.  The Devil is sly and presents his counterfeits as if they are harmless, but Jn 10:10 his ultimate goal is to steal, kill and destroy.  I may seem to have gotten far astray from the new Covenant but a part of that Covenant is to be aware of Satan’s devices.  I do not have an Affiliate connection with  Scripture Consulting, so if you take the steps necessary to order the books listed above, I do not get rewarded financially but perhaps I will get rewarded at the bema because I helped you get better acquainted with the true God.  Meanwhile I have covered a lot of territory and I think I will stop now so that you have time to digest this for a while. till next time, Selah. 


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