New Covenant post 2

I have addressed this subject once already in my blog but in reading across some other blogs and from comments I have received (thanks by the way for the feedback), I see there are still some misconceptions out there that I was not aware of how deep they are rooted in some groups.  The New Covenant between God and mankind was able to be established by the accomplished works of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, the second Adam, (second created human) born to a virgin, named Mary.  He had the innocent blood.  He was born a baby and had to grow up and learn things just as we do.  The shepherds who were apparently the only people in the area meek enough to believe the angel message, came after the angels appeared to them and arrived in town just in time to find him swaddled.  This swaddling was a ceremony usually reserved for royalty, it was a form of the salt covenant as the swaddling material was dipped in salt water, this was to indicate that he would be raised to always speak the truth, this indicates how timely this was all coordinated as the swaddling strips were only left on for a short amount of time because the salt water soaked strips of cloth would start to get cold and make the infant uncomfortable,  even on a warm September night.  It happened to be the traditional day that the Hebrews celebrated the birth of their Kings, no matter when their real birthday was.  It was a feast day of trumpets for that year, our 11th of September 3 BC, but on the Judean calender Tishri 1.  Joseph and Mary stayed in Bethlehem, Joseph a carpenter either built a house or purchased one to live in.  About 15 months later the wise men show up at the house not the manger and give a supply of wealth to the babe in honor of the king  that Daniel had told them to expect when the signs appeared in the night sky,  many centuries before when he was head of the magi of Babylon.  Herod having learned from the magi that the child would be more than a year old but less than two would threaten the life of the child but Joseph like his wife Mary would be meek enough to listen to the angels and act on the info and use the gifts to finance a quick trip to Egypt. When the came back they went to Nazareth where the family history was known So that Jesus was raised as an illegitimate son , thus his Barmizvah at age 12 instead of thirteen in Jerusalem.  About eighteen years later Jesus would be in a synagogue in Nazareth to start his ministry by reading about the acceptable year of the Lord which would be how long his ministry was from one Passover to the next, a thirteen lunar month year, but a year long never the less.  But at the end of that year instead of sharing the Passover meal with his disciples as he had planned,  he would be the Passover lamb.  A lamb of the first year without spot or blemish selected (arrested) on the 10th of Nisan, Lead out to be crucified on the 14th (April 28th 28 ad) Died about 6 pm. Taken down from the cross (tree) and quickly wrapped in grave clothes and entombed just before the 1st day of Passover, a high Sabbath day, (which fell on Thursday in 28 AD,) that started that night at Sundown.  72 hours later May 1st on the weekly Sabbath just before Sunset He was raised from the dead and during the night (while it was yet dark on the first day of the week, May 2nd the women came to the tomb and found it open and empty.  Forty days later after the resurrection appearances, Jesus in his glorified human body ascended out of sight and went through the heavens to his current place in Glory at the right hand of his God and Father, Jehovah, or Elohim.  (God has many names all of them the Judeans at some point in time thought should never be said aloud).  That is a quick synopsis of the Gospels and a part of Acts chapter one with some of the wrong teachings corrected.  

     That all had to transpire for Acts Chapter 2 to happen when the Day of Pentecost (a festival of the first harvest) was fully come and the day dawned on the age of grace and the new Testament or Covenant started in the Temple where the apostles were seated at the first hour of prayer.  The first baptism of holy spirit was given to twelve and later that day to about three thousand more was the baptism of holy spirit given or  poured out.  So on the first day it was available the baptism of (total immersion in) holy spirit was initiated.  One of the miracles that day  was that the tongues that the twelve spoke in were understood by the international crowd that was at the temple to observe Pentecost.  God’s family  grew from 1 to about 3000 It does not say how many other manifestations were operated that day (it does not pertain unto life and Godliness or it would be stated.)  Perhaps because others were present that did understand what was tongues to the Apostles, God did not energize Interpretation of tongues or at least again it is not noted.  So to adhere to the truth that was later revealed I Co 14: 6 the use of tongues here in the church must have fallen into one of the four exception categories where it did not need to be believed to be interpreted as listed at the end of verse 6.  Speaking in tongues had been prophesied in Joel and by Jesus but had never been available to do before this day of Pentecost.  You can find references to all the other manifestations of holy spirit used by men upon whom the spirit of the lord was placed but tongues and interpretation of tongues was reserved to be utilized by the new Covenant believers .

    Are you a new testament believer ?  Then tongues and the other eight manifestations are available to you.  Why do so many have a problem understanding this?  When does the new Covenant end?  At the gathering together, with the return of Jesus for his saints.  The body of Christ will then be complete.  No one else will have the privilege of joining the family as a joint heir and partaker in the glory that is reserved for God’s immediate family.  There is the bride of Christ that is involved in the resurrection of the just but some of them will be deceived by Satan and will divorce themselves from life and love at the end of the millennium rule of Christ between the two resurrections. Re 20.   But meanwhile we the body of Christ have the baptism of holy spirit available to us to use in our more than a conqueror lives that we have available to us.  It is only for us, all of us, whenever we are born again.  God is no respecter of persons, Covenants yes, circumstances yes but He is a just God and deals with us evenhandedly.  He gives the power in equal measure, What we do with it that is our decision.  If we choose to speak in tongues in our private prayer lives then we are edified spiritually and the identity between God’s spirit and our spirit is strengthened Ro 8:16  Yes tongues will cease, but not till the new covenant is fulfilled, completed, fully accomplished.  Until then we need the only method identified in the Word to build us up spiritually so that there can be those strong in the power of His might amidst our ranks.  The gospels record the fulfillment of the old testament.  The age of Grace encompasses the new birth and the addition to the family of all those who will be born again.  We are all of the same generation.  All of us have as our heavenly father the one true God, creator of the heavens and earth.  Spiritually we are all brothers (whether male or female for we are all heirs) not different generations who happen to have some beliefs in common.  to be continued in the next post. Selah.

    Tongues are languages, not gibberish, you are not speaking in tongues if you just repeat the name of Jesus over and over as fast as you can say it.  God gives the utterance but you have to use your vocal chords and breath and other parts of your body that you use to say anything in the language that you do understand.  You just do not have to think, or try to understand what it is that you are going to say because God enables you to speak in a tongue, it is not you or your mind that engages when you believe to manifest.  The word uses the metaphor that it is a river of living water that flows out of the belly.  If you think you can’t it is that you are not believing that what God promises you is true.  I Co 12 :7 the gift of holy spirit is given to every (believing is understood) man to profit withal.  Manifesting is profitable to you and to the fellow believers who are present as you believe to operate the other manifestations in your life.  Giving a gift of healing is a manifestation,  it does not say you have to have a gift ministry to do that manifestation.  We live so far below par when we don’t teach our fellow believers that manifesting holy spirit is available to them to do in their lives.  We are a part of the most powerful family on earth and for the most part the devil by way of religion has talked most of us out of ever using that power.  Jesus walked with that power and look at what he did.  We have that same power, do we even attempt to do a tenth of what he did.  We are supposed to do more not so much less.  it boils down to do we know? Do we believe? Believing is an action verb.  If we believe we should be at the minimum willing to attempt to hear that word of knowledge and word of wisdom that is going to let us know that it is available to do any of the others for any one else.  Tongues and faith take only you and God the rest need the mutual believing of the body of Christ to bring it off, but remember the body of Christ is present any where 2 or more are gathered in our Lords name. 

  To return to tongues to help clear up more of the confusion out there.  The phrase either the tongues of men or angels is from ! Co 13 :1  as long as it is a language that you yourself do not understand God is not limited to use one or another.  Making use of the gift of holy spirit does not make you a superior believer to lord over someone who has not yet manifested in a proud boastful way.  We are saved by grace and everyone has the ability who is saved but it is also true that not every one will choose to speak in tongues.  Since it is so simple to do for a believer I may not understand why someone would be afraid to do it but it is not my place to judge their believing.  God looks at our hearts something that we mortals can’t do,   Tongues is something that I know God gave me the ability to do and it is a profitable thing for me to do much in my private prayer life, It is proof to me that I have received the baptism of holy spirit, but other believers do not have to prove to me they are born again by speaking in tongues.  By their love and the presence of other fruit of the spirit we should know them.  People who speak in tongues, if they don’t have linguistic ability, they may still be speaking in tongues in the languages of men.  I have been present more than once in gatherings where, like on the first day of Pentecost, there are in the group present people who understand what the person manifesting is saying in both his tongue and in his interpretation of it.  Both are energized by God and the person manifesting does not understand his tongue but the person listening who does knows that the interpretation does give the gist of what was spoken in a tongue.  Note it is an interpretation not a translation.  And again I note that while the KJV might not be as clear as we would like on this point,  it is the same person that speaks in tongues in the church that is to do the interpretation.  If the interpreter is out of town this week it does not keep the church from receiving the blessing of a message from or for God to his people because he or she is not here, how foolish to limit God that way.  Just as you do not engage your brain to speak in tongues, you also must avoid limiting God by trying to engage your thinking to come up with an interpretation to give if you are asked by the leader to speak in tongues and interpret in the fellowship meeting.  God energizes, you just let it flow.  You remain in control but don’t interfere, you do your part God is faithful to do His.  Learn to listen and be ready to get just as blessed as the others to hear what God is saying to the group present even if it is your voice sharing the message.  Like any thing else shared in fellowship the message will never be at cross purposes with the Word so as one blog I have read recently repeatedly says, check it with the Word.  God will not threaten, or make you afraid of Him, He loves and wants the best for you.  He is a master of attraction marketing, He gives you value and if you are receptive, he makes you hungry to receive more.

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