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Well it took me a while to choose it and would love to have some feedback on it,  I hope you like it and that it doesn’t cause too much distraction from the main messages to be found in the text.  God set two lights in the sky each with their own glory.  I found this picture at the site taken by Arvind Balaraman that shows both the moon and one of the many times that the sun shows off it’s glory, a sunrise.  We are to do things to God’s glory and my blog is done with that in mind, giving God glory for the accuracy and integrity that he has provided for us to learn about and learn to gain in appreciation as we study it and find out what it really says.  We really do have an awesome God.  I also considered rainbows and the milky way and a road leading off into the distance, as apt photos.  We are so limited in are ability to try and capture just a bit of God’s glory.  As I pointed out in a recent article, we as the family of God are His inheritance in Glory Ep 1:18.  So I suppose I could have tried pictures of crowds as well.  We have so much to be thankful for and Sunrise is a time when many of us wake up and realize that God has granted us perhaps another 24 hours to do something in this mortal life. In this mortal life we have time and freedom. We have the opportunity to prove to ourselves that we are capable of responding to His great love.  We do not have to strive to be saved, Salvation is by God’s Mercy and Grace.  God is not watching to see if we honored a particular day above others.  We are not under a law that says we must only eat this or that at this time or with our hands freshly washed or only if the food is prepared in just a certain way.  We are instructed to do things in moderation, so that what we do does not cause us to lose our wits, for life is a series of choices and it is hard to choose wisely if we can’t think straight.  Beyond that, our life with our new covenant is one of tremendous freedom. 
Allow God’s Love to be our motivator.  Follow our Lord’s shining example of listening to Our Heavenly Father and doing as He instructs.  Choosing to be industrious and deal with people with integrity and love.  Being willing to be a daysman, a mediator, an assistant, building up the believing of our fellow church members in the church not made with hands.   We are not in a contest to see who can be better than the next guy.  God has done His best for us we should want to do our best for Him.  He knows our frame and knows that as a mortal we have limitations, we strive for perfection but are not condemned when we fall short.  Life is a series of choices.  The Word assures us that we will receive rewards for the good things and that the bad choices we make will be burned away like the chaff that is separated from the wheat on a threshing floor.  For God casts or sins away and forgives and forgets as we continue to pursue the great fellowship he has made available to us. It is our responsibility to come before the throne of grace and ask for His forgiveness and be thankful for the blessings he has already given us. There are groups that teach it is a hard life to live via the spirit but I say they are misinformed. Choosing to live a spirit led and spirit filled life, it is like making any thing a habit, the more you do it the easier it is to do.  God shows us with every Sunrise that He is faithful to send us the blessings that each new day brings, we can return that faithfulness by making our daily decisions to seek out the promises He makes available to us so that we can live the lives that He has in store for us because He goes beyond what we can ask or think as long as we make room for Him in our thoughts, our hearts, and it then follows in our deeds. 

In comments to another blog I said I should address what the new covenant is because too many look for the defining features in the Gospels which are the significant events in how God’s plan of Salvation fulfilled the old Covenant, the old testament.  The new Testament, the new covenant is actually delineated in the Church epistles, the writings that are ascribed to Paul.  God is the Author of God’s Word.  Paul may have instructed the revelations given to him for someone to write down, that someone sometimes identified in the closing lines, some times not.  But no matter who wrote it, The Bible is the Word of God.  This blog is written to and for those that believe that.  I make no excuses, if what I say does not apply to you because you choose to not believe what God has graciously made available to you that is your choice, the consequences of your unbelief are not up to me to meet out that I have been told about yet.  Our exact responsibilities after we are glorified after the gathering together are not fully divulged at this time but we have been told there will be that glorification and that we will be involved in God’s kingdom for all eternity which is a lot longer time period than our mortal lives will span.  We can get sealed with the holy spirit now unto that time but we still have the great liberty to live our mortal lives now. You will note that I continually refer to choices. Some things do continue from one covenant to the next that God makes with people. This would be because God does not change. God created man and after he gave man life, among the first things God gave man was freedom to choose. Initially for Adam and Eve it was to obey one rule or not while choosing how they would occupy their time else wise. We seem to have so many other choices today, but clearly the more we obey the more we are blessed as long as the one we are obeying is God. But I have strayed from my point. Choice is foundational to life with God. God could have us programmed from birth so that We are just going thru the motions, indeed there are people that teach our predestination to be God’s children means just that. They teach that our choices are illusions and that we can’t change any outcomes any way. This point of view discounts or at least devalues one of God’s greatest characteristics. God could have created robots that did only what they were programmed to do but the family dynamics would be very different than they are today. God gave us choice so that we could respond to love. This is why the true God never makes you do anything. Love is powerful, yes! But as some discover as they set their affections on something that does not deserve to be desired, it is not as irresistible as some writers portray else there would be no God rejecters out there. God is love so He is a constant supply or source of love yet our adversary manages to trick people into feeling unloved. The plight of unrequited love is indeed sad. The love you have to share with others will not be returned if the other does not perceive it. Money cannot perceive love so not only is it the root of all evil to love it but a waste of a Godlike quality that we have been blessed with, the ability to love. Wealth is not inherently evil, it has it’s advantages and good points, chiefly it is an enabler. You cannot hire someone if you do not have more than you need to meet your needs. You cannot be a great consumer and thus provide the impetus for a great economy if you do not have positive cash flow at some point in your business cycle. But again I stray from the point of this article.
I love a sunrise, I love to observe the glory of the sun and moon, not to worship that glory but to appreciate it as a beautiful part of what God created to bless my life. I am a daysman, I do my best to help reconcile people to the true God by sharing the truth about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So please give me some feedback about the picture that now lines my posts. Does it bless you as well as you read the words I post or is it too distracting. One of the runners up in my considerations was of a sunset that had two people conversing in silhouette because the ministry of reconciliation requires communication. At at the end of the day if my blog does not communicate then my blog has failed in its mission. I must rejoin the presentation about the new covenant again for while my side tracking above starts the discussion there is so much more to say. Please leave me some comments about the picture and whatever else about my blog you wish to share. Let the start of the new covenant discussion rest with it is a covenant of love and mercy and grace and is defined in Romans – Thessalonians not the Gospels even though it would not be available without the foundation that is laid by the example that Jesus laid by living his life as a dedicated follower of his heavenly Father, God. Selah.


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