King Dodo

Today I want to post a corollary post to my last article.  It is said that there at least two ways to look at anything, and today I want to look at the three ways you could look at the title of this one, depending on how you would pronounce or interpret it.  This is not God’s word so you can have your private interpretations.  There is such a thing as a dodo bird.  He was named that because once air born, the Bird can fly majestically and stay aloft for many hours and go many miles and actually gets to places some people only dream about. then there is the reason he earned his name, as magnificent as the bird is in the air, it seems to the uneducated eye, that while he is air born he forgets how to land and has a real opportunity taking off again.  Both operations look very awkward and if the bird did not often land on water there is concern that he might hurt himself as the landing looks more like a crash landing than a planed one. 

The second way of looking at this comes from the slang euphemism for getting into trouble, i.e. we are in deep do do.  so in this pronunciation  dew dew instead of doe doe, the excrement gets piled higher and deeper and again things on the surface smell to high heaven and still look very bad for the ones that are in it.  If the trouble you are in is not of your responsibility you may still come through the trouble smelling like a rose.

Finally there is the positive way of looking at the name.  And since we have a way of growing into a name, I would hope that if you made a king of a man with this name he would be taught to think of it this way, He got his name because he is always doing and accomplishing things.  Our current congress wold never earn this title.  My last article started with a quote about one way of classifying or identifying people and a number of them were not all that becoming or desirous of having applied to you.  In fact I set a challenge or a goal of growing into the last group of being industrious, full of good woks and trustworthy.  This was set in contrast to needing to be pulled, tied, pushed, punished, or being all talk or dangerous.  We truly do have choices and we are creatures that can grow to be better or worse, depending on how we choose to spend our time and what we choose to study and learn to apply.  Wisdom is the principle thing therefor get wisdom Pr 4:7  Wisdom is applied knowledge.  God supplies with plenty of knowledge if we will learn it and renew our minds to it so that we can accomplish great things, that is be in that last group of people.  So that is the addendum to my last post, if you want to learn about those free webinars I mentioned go to  and explore to see what is available.  Selah


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