Is your success Golden?

I was reminded of this quote from I. A. Winchell from “My Grandpappy Once Told Me” :  A lot of people are like a wheelbarrow – not good unless pushed.  Some are like canoes – they have to be paddled.  Some are like kites – if you don’t keep a string on them– they fly away.  Some are like footballs – you can’t tell which way they will bounce next.  Some are like balloons – full of wind and ready to blow up.  Some are like trailers – they have to be pulled.  Some are like a good watch – open face, pure gold, quietly busy and full of good works. 
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We need to find the last category of people if we want to develop a good networking team to accomplish anything worthwhile, be it a successful business, a strong fellowship, or the best support group ever assembled.  With the proper instruction, you might get some from the former groups into the latter by supplying the inspiration.  The Word of God, especially the church Epistles, can provide the inspiration, if they are rightly divided.  When the Word tells us the Word must be rightly divided II Ti 2:15, it must be observed that there is then the possibility that if you do not Study the Word that you could wrongly divide it.  II Pe 1:20,21,  too many denominations teach that each of us is entitled to our own interpretation of what we read in the scriptures, thus justifying the reason for their faction of what God desires to be a likeminded unity. 
We need to look up to God, not up a mountain, steeple,  cross, or idol.  The cross that Jesus bore was our sins and sicknesses, the cross we are to bear is the ministry of reconciliation.  We are to be the witnesses of God’s plan of salvation in word and deed.  By God’s grace and mercy we are what we are.  It is not of works lest we feel entitled to boast.  We joy and rejoice in the goodness of God, our heavenly Father.  It is not hard to live a purpose filled life if we keep our relationship with God in the right way of believing.  Ro 12:1,2 We live for God as we renew our minds to what His Word records for us of the things that pertain unto life and Godliness.     If you have not figured it out yet the main thrust of this blog is to Call believers who have been taught that their believing is Bible based, to read the Bible, to study it and learn to rightly divide it despite what traditional errors might be in their minds.  The adversary tries very hard to systemize the errors he introduces and convince people that the lies he tells are the truth instead of the Word.  Thank goodness we have such a massive amount of scripture that he can’t forge his lies so well that the truth becomes hidden.  The truth can and should be known.  As more people do their part and examine the scriptures to see if what is taught is backed up in many places truth wins out and makes people free of condemnation and misplaced obligations.  We can become free to be involved in support groups that work with integrity to help build individual success.  It is a team effort but the rewards for the team are not just to be experienced only by the top few.  Success is not an overnight phenomena.  You build your firm foundation on the rock bed of truth.  Benefits flow to all those that put forth the consistant effort and do the work that results in edifying the whole.  III Jn 2 God wants us to prosper, God wants our lives to be abundantly blessed.  My two businesses have great support groups, If you don’t have the support in yours perhaps you should consider checking out a free webinar or two from mine but my desire is that you also get the inspiration and the support that is needed for you to be a success that you fall into the last group of people in the quote above or that you can be helped along your path towards that group if you feel you fall short of being a part of the golden group of successful people who stand with and for the truth and the one true God.  Ready to give an answer to any one who asks for the reason of the hope that shines so brightly in your life.  Selah 

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