Why Speak in Tongues

Speaking in tongues and the companion manifestation of interpretation are the two manifestations that are new to manifesting holy spirit with the advent of the new birth. While prophesied about (Is 28:9-13 and by Jesus when speaking of his followers Mk 16:17), it was not done before the day of Pentecost was fully come in 28 AD Ac 2:1. Because many groups abuse the ability and do not teach what the Bible says about it, some malign the practice and say it does not belong as a part of the modern Christian walk. What a sad day and state of affairs for God’s children. God gave us, the family of born again believers, a gift of power. He singles out one of the ways to manifest it and identifies it as a way to strengthen yourself spiritually and because of wrong teaching we have family (church) leaders telling followers to not do it. Today I plan to provide evidence from over thirty scriptures as to why Every born again believer ought to desire to do it much in their private prayer lives and if they are willing to do the companion manifestation, be ready to do it in a worship meeting as directed by the leader of said meeting.
In Jude 20 and I Co 14:4 as I stated earlier without providing the reference, it edifies the individual who does the speaking. Edifies means to build yourself up, to strengthen you, not mentally or physically in this context, but spiritually. You the person making the effort to utter a language that you yourself do not understand, how can you profit from it mentally when it bypasses your limited understanding. Your words can energize you and bless your physical environment but unless you are telling yourself to do more physical exercise, the act of speaking is not going to strengthen you physically either. Getting super strength during an emergency to do that which is necessary with Gods help is not what I am talking about. God designed our bodies so well we can do things when motivated to do them at levels we consider miraculous when compared to normal states. This is also not what we are addressing. Men have been known to rip car doors off or lift up vehicles that weigh in excess of what they have ever bench pressed to save lives in accidents. Remember working of miracles is another of the manifestations. When you speak in tongues, God provides the utterance thus speaking via the spirit is speaking in tongues. Praying in or with the Spirit is to speak in tongues.
In I Co 14:2 it is speaking to God divine secrets, you are speaking to God. There are many places in scriptures that tell us God listens and I do not recall anywhere that says this conversation has to be only one way. God has the option to share with you if you are taking the time to share with Him. In Ac 2:11 it is speaking the wonderful works of God. In Ac 10:46 it magnifies God. It allows us to pray perfectly when we by our five senses do not know what exactly to pray for Ze 3:9, and Ro 8:26,27. It is to give thanks well I Co 14:17. It gives voice to our hearts as we identify ourselves as the Sons of God to God. Ga 4:6 Ro 8:14,15. As mentioned last post it proves to ourselves that God bears witness with our spirit that we are born again Ro 8:16 and if born again then a joint heir with Jesus Christ in the next verse, verse 17. Similar to the first point, it strengthens you with might in the inner man, holy spirit is a gift of power that can and does work within you as you believe to manifest, Ep 3:16 -20; II Co 4:16. Also as mentioned in my last post it is a sign of the supernatural being manifested to unbelievers and the unlearned or untaught, Mk 16:17 and I Co 14:22. (Yes I am here saying that if you consider yourself to be a born again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and you do not think that Speaking in tongues is available and worthy of your attention, then you are a part of those who are unlearned or untaught and thus unbelievers of this aspect of what Jesus accomplished for us).
It is rest to the Soul Is 28:11,12; I Co 14:21 that means it is great for power “naps” when you can’t actually afford to sleep but need a quick pick me up or some re-energizing. It is that more sure Word of prophecy that the Word is true that God did raise Jesus up from the dead and that he, Jesus, did ascend unto the Father II Pe 1:19, Ac 2:32,33; Jn 14:12. It makes our mortal bodies more alive Ro 8:11 and gives us proof that we will be in that group that receives the new bodies I Co 15:52-54 Ep 1:13,14. Together with doing all the other ways of manifestation, when we manifest it produces the fruit of holy spirit Ga 5:22,23. And again referring back to the last post, it is how we can really say and know that we have done Ro 10:9,10 at the heart level that we have made Jesus our Lord. We receive the baptism of holy spirit and thus have the ability to manifest it and prove our salvation is an accomplished fact to ourselves because we know whether or not we ourselves are making the effort to speak in a language that we do not understand and are depending on God to provide the Words and phrasing in a language of men or of Angels, I Co 12:3; 13:1
Finally, when we also are prepared at the leaders prompt to speak in and interpret tongues in a gathering of the church it allows us to speak forth a message for or from God in the language we do understand using the same principles we learn to operate to speak in tongues in the first place, depending on God to provide the Words we speak. I Co 14::4,5,13,27,28. Details matter, note God provides to you not a translation of what you just spoke in a tongue, but an interpretation, a gist of what you just said by His inspiration. This can be done decently and in order and not accompanied by playing Russian roulette with poisonous snakes or dancing or throwing books or just anything else that would indicate that you are not in complete control. You do it voluntarily, using the ability that God gives you as a part of the gift of holy spirit that seals you to be at the gathering together Ep 1:13.
Please you Pentecostals and Apostolics who are taught just speak in tongues out loud any time the spirit moves you, read I Co 12-14 over and over again till it sinks in that if you are not going to interpret what you just said in tongues in the church, the volume level you are to use is silently to yourself and God I Co 14:27,28 the last pronoun “one” in 27 is better translated “each one” and in 28 “no interpreter” is better translated “no will to interpret”. Note I Co 14:13 the Words translated “pray that he may interpret” to read “believe and expect God to enable you to interpret” The latter may seem awkward but God has enabled you to speak forth the interpretation just as he did to speak in tongues but it is up to you to believe to do the manifestations that you make your own I Co 12 :11.
But speaking in tongues out loud while the leader of the meeting is preaching or teaching something else to the congregation is not by course and not orderly. It keeps the person next to you from being able to hear what the leader is teaching or preaching and he (or she)the leader not you is responsible to control what is going on in the meeting. God will supply you and enable you without any and all the theatrics someone might be taught is appropriate to “get happy”, to “turn the spirit loose” or just to “turn yourself over to the spirit”. By being so disruptive you invite the adversaries team in. You allow things like being slain in the spirit into a service. The true God never takes control of you, no person in the Bible is slain in the spirit. I have been to those types of services where any where the devil spirit controlling minister points his hands, fingers, or just his eyes and his trained assistants are in the crowd ready to catch the people taught to allow the spirits to knock them out and they swoon and fall backward. Read the records they point out as examples of this.
People in the word show respect by falling face forward and face down before a man of God or some perceived power as in a king. They do this of their own free will, they do not lose their senses, they will sometimes address the person they are so honoring with petitions or praise but they are aware of their surroundings. They get back up if they are told to do so. And if the man they are honoring is just passing by they get up after he is past. Saul on the road to Damascus is a special hard case, he was dedicated to wrecking havoc on the church, so it was necessary that he, Saul to be renamed or known afterward by his Greek not Judean name, Paul, lose his sight for a period of time. Perhaps to make him more approachable by the believers as a sign he was not the same man he was before. Jesus had to appear personally to Saul’s senses. It says the others with him could hear the sound of a voice but not hear the Words spoken by Jesus to Saul before he, Saul was humbled and prepared to be born again. I am glad we all do not have to go through a period without our sight to get born again, to have something similar to scales on our eyes so that we will humble ourselves to learn the gospel. But this man was to later say by revelation that he spoke in tongues more than an entire church full of believers. Note how this edified him spiritually, to allow God to work so mightily within him, that he would receive the inspiration to cause 7-9 books of the new testament to be recorded for us. (some count I and II Co and I and II Th as one book each not a total of four so that there are 7 Church Epistles instead of 9.)
But as I Co 12:2 states people go and do as they are led. If you are taught by example that in order to receive a spiritual blessing you first need to let a spirit knock you out, a spiritually needy and hungry person will give a spirit permission to knock them out. And because they are taught to expect or believe for a blessing when they do this, they get a blessing afterwards, but the truth is God does not ask us to go through all that to get His blessings. see Ep 1:3. Bishop K. C. Pillai, a converted Hindu to Christian teacher has taught that if you want to see this way of showing honor still practiced as described in the Bible, one must only go to observe a Jain convention in India and you will see people still practice giving homage this way to the leadership. The power of death is the devils and if he slays you, unless God by revelation tells a believer to raise you back up, you stay dead. Don’t fall for this wrong teaching. Pun intended. The only reason for mass speaking in tongues when two or more are gathered is if you are in a class type situation and the leader is teaching the whole group to speak in tongues see I Co 14:6 where the leader is instructing by teaching the doctrine of tongues. He tells you when to start and when to stop and you can do both, start and stop upon command, because God has enabled you, but he never takes away your free will.
People use the words “God compelled me to do this” but If they are referring to anything stronger than revealing to you what to do and placing you in position to do what he has revealed to you that he wants you to do, they could be paying attention to the wrong god. (Note the story of Jonah, he got the revelation but Jonah did not want to do it so God kept putting him in position to do it until he accepted his assigned role and then people were able to receive their deliverance by changing the circumstances addressed.) The moral of the story if you have learned to listen to God, do what He tells you to do, and things will turn out better than you fear. But remember God does not change and He will not violate His Word. He will not instruct you to murder someone, the life of a terrorist is not a Godly one. Sorry you Muslim terrorist but when the time comes your harem of Virgins are not going to be there. Terrorist are not all Muslims but non Muslim terrorist are not usually expecting a harem to be their reward for “martyrdom by suicide for slaughter.” What ever are the lies that a terrorists is promised to enjoy in their next life, they are also devoid of truth. Murderers are not going to be rewarded I Jn 3:15. (Because some err here it should be noted that killing the enemy in war or killing an assailant in self defense is not murder.) The bottom line is the true God never makes you do anything, He loves you and wants you to respond to that love by sharing that love with others. This does not mean you become a doormat for Jesus and allow the devil’s influences to run rampant through your life. Those of you in the place of the unbelieving but born again category might be surprised if you saw how those that seem to oppress you and not suffer consequences do not even try to act the same way when around those who strengthen themselves by speaking in tongues. We are in the midst of a spiritual contest/battle Ep 6:12; Pp 3:12-14 and When you are stronger spiritually, some battles just never come to a head.
Some churches teach that Tongues were around only during Acts that despite all the references above, they teach Speaking in Tongues is no longer of any value. I would direct them to read I Co 13:8-12 tongues will cease and the knowledge of how to get born again will vanish away when we see Jesus face to face, an event called in II Th 2:1 our gathering together. It is not till the event when I Co 15:51-58 and I Th 4:13-18 become reality and history instead of our future, our hope and comfort, that tongues are to cease. Speaking in tongues is not hard, you just need to let it flow as in Jn 7:37-39. God is our loving heavenly Father and knows how to give us good gifts Mt 7:9-11. Believe to receive and you shall have it. Meanwhile I will join Paul with the thought he expressed in I Co 14:5,37, because I do consider myself as spiritual and I do count I Co 12-14 to be the commandments of God. Selah
P. S. If you need help deciphering my Bible references the 2 letter abbreviations are in the primer article. For sake of brevity I have mostly just referenced the verses with the belief that you my students will look them up so you can get more from the article. Some one posted a blog article 12 hrs before I started this article why they won’t speak in tongues but for whatever reason wordpress won’t let me access it while I am working on this article. If I think some point made in that article is not addressed by what I have already written I may come back and add another P.S. but you make the choice, between the two articles you should have a lot about what is taught obout this subject at hand Choose God’s view. Selah


5 thoughts on “Why Speak in Tongues

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  4. Speaking in tongues controvesy, Tongues mentioned in the bible are languages, now this all happened at Corinth church where paul tries to explain to the conrinthians that all will cease and only love will remain. the mondern tongues movement does not pursue us to go ahead with the Worship of Christ Jesus where he mentiones that we will one day worship the lord in Spirit and Truth., God understands us how we are and what we speak in plain language where it could be English, Arabic, hindi French and so on . We do not have to be babes any more nore we are beginners to understand. the truth is that tongues were given to the new christian jews to confirm the coming of JEsus Christ in a language where all understood. but todays gibberish is not the one that Paul is pointing out. Born again christians feel it fantasy and find themselves superior over inferior christians who do not speak in tongue which is in plain saying nonsense.
    Try to understand the scriptures well of what paul is trying to say. there is a great deal in understanding when you read the KJV unknown tongues where interpreter is required., another delemma is talking in tongues is like speaking in and praying in mysteries angelic language. i dont remember if any angels spoke so differently when the message of the birth of Jesus was announced to Mary etc… please go back into the biblical truth and history. Jesus also never spoke in tongues to the apostles or to his FATHER in heaven. neither there is any proof whereA ADAM spoke intongues to eve or to GOD in his relationship with GOD inthe Garden of EDEN.

    • Clerance, you have missed the point, of course there is no evidence that Jesus and Adam did speak in tongues, it wasn’t available for them to do it. This is a new ability that is specific to those of us who are in the new covenant relationship with God. This is part of the greater works than Jesus we are able to do. It is not made available so that God will understand us, God energizes the speech so that we can pray for things we do not understand or know that we need to pray for. You are right that it is not gibberish that is speaking in tongues. It is a tongue, a language that you the speaker do not understand, so that what is said bypasses your understanding, not God’s. The scriptures are clear we are to pray both ways if we want to maximize our spiritual power and effect. The person who speaks in a tongue edifies himself and the context is with things of the spirit. It was not given to Christian Jews but to all Christians, Judean as well as Greek, (The term Jew is derogatory in nature so I always use Judean instead. And the term Greek Biblically speaking is the same as gentile, means all people outside of the Jewish nation.) Please reread Chapter 13, and my comment about the timing of that cessation. It is not till the gathering together, when we see Jesus face to face. Speaking in tongues did not just happen in Corinth, it was and is a sign to all that God was energizing people supernaturally in fellowships everywhere. And if you have met those who think it makes them superior they do not understand that it is just one of 9 manifestations and that the ability is given to every believer whether or not they choose to build themselves up with it or not. When angels appear on earth and are there to communicate with the person they are with of course they don’t speak with a language that that person doesn’t understand the whole purpose of them being there is to communicate not confuse. God is not the author of confusion, practices that use tongues in a confusing manner is exactly what Paul is trying to correct here for the Corinthians. I am sure God is disappointed that so many charismatic groups seem to ignore what He inspired Paul to have recorded. And the person who speaks in tongues in a worship meeting is to be the interpreter there is no separate person. God energizes both manifestations just as readily. The manifestations are subject to your believing first and foremost but after tongues and faith/believing the believing of the church is also involved as a study of the Greek words involved in the verses I Co 12 :8-10 indicate. To ignore what God has given you is not wise in my opinion but as always with God it is your choice. Selah.

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