So now who am I?

First and foremost I am a born again son of God. My mom taught me to read the Bible before I ever went to kindergarten. I was raised in a church, missed only one Sunday of Sunday school and Worship Service before I graduated from high school. I took some College religion classes, I went church hopping trying to find somewhere that would teach what I read in the Word instead of traditions that I did not find in the scriptures. I read histories where I discovered that every major and minor division of what the World calls the Christian Religion has at one point or another been called a Cult. This scare word has been used for centuries to define any group that leaves the mainline group. So what is a cult? (Please note I did not say What is the occult? That is a wholly different subject.) A cult is simply a group that follows one man to the exclusion of all others. What better definition of true Christianity, for those of us that choose to believe in God’s plan of Salvation, follow one man, Jesus Christ, to the exclusion of all others. The new testament Word that is most closely related to this concept is sect. The Sadducees and Pharisees were both sects. The followers of Christ in Acts were a sect of the Hebrew faith Ac 28:22. Down thru history every group that was not with your particular group has been called a cult or sect. Baptists, Methodist, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, Seventh Day Adventist, Unitarians, Amish, Quakers, Shakers, Church of Christ, Church of God, Pentecostals, Apostolic and the list goes on and on but all (at one point or another by one group or another) have been called a sect or cult. You can walk into any Bible bookstore and find multiple volumes identifying groups that individuals must learn to stay away from because they threaten the traditional belief system. This warning of “danger” should be about groups that advocate the adversaries goals see Jn 10:10. Any time a group leader says stealing, killing, and destroying is ok like those who got involved with a group that ended up in Jonestown or the group that committed suicide so that they could join the mother ship of Aliens in California and the Manson Family, these were all taught doctrine that directly opposes scripture. Death is an enemy not a friend to be looked for or a tool that does the will of God. Wars, self defense, and Capital punishment designed to rid the community of the possessed and/or covenant breakers are the only times taking the lives of other human beings are condoned in Scripture that I see. I think have mentioned this before but the sixth commandment of the now famous ten in Ex 20:13 is more correctly to be translated thou shall not murder rather than the more generic thou shall not kill.
Wars and rumors of Wars will be with us till the return of Christ. So why do “enlightened ministers” preach from the pulpit that we need to pray for World and Mideast peace. Why pray for something that the Word says will not happen. Pray for the return of Christ, that will happen someday, Pray that the adversaries plans are hindered, that severe storms subside, this too can happen. But we have been in the last times since Christ ascended so don’t pray for world peace, pray you stay at peace with your neighbor. Someday the antichrist will start a false 3.5 years of peace to be followed by 3.5 years of his reign of terror upon all who will not worship him. But the Christians are not here for that. But I digress.
I was speaking of sects because for about 20 years I was involved with a group that traditional believing groups call a sect that has been demonized in those books in Bible bookstores but they simply taught me and thousands of others how to study the Bible, use Bible study tools and manifest holy spirit. That group is but a shadow of what it once was and I no longer fellowship with those who say they are still that group, but I fellowship in homes with likeminded believers, in homes where ministries that split off of that parent group continue to teach the how of studying the Bible. Following the Word of God is after all, the thing that is to separate the family of God from the rest of the World Mt 10:35. But the invitation is always extended out to the World if they will choose to believe.
The story of that group is a familiar one. A man does research into the Word. He teaches others and his followers join in unity around the Word that is taught. Because believers get unified the power of God is utilized powerfully. Then the founder dies or somehow is disgraced by either not adhering to that Word or simply gets accused of gross hypocrisy (whether founded or not for no man is perfect save Christ) and the group splinters. The power of God that was gaining effectiveness and powerful results because of the unity of the likeminded community of believing was so strong becomes diminished. The adversary finds a way to break it up into more manageable size groups. While he must deal with the smaller groups that are a result of the splintering, he, as the god of this world, continues to try to put enough doubt in the World about the accuracy and integrity of the Word that he can continue to fool the masses that are not taught that they are individually responsible to do II Ti 2:15. They are not taught that divisions over “private interpretations” are not to be the accepted norm II Pe 1:20,21. Errors like the trinity, death is the gateway to heaven or the fiery pit of hell, Jesus was raised at sunrise, born at the start of Winter, died on a Friday, asks you to fast (with or without) a show of deprivation survival, wants you to repeat the same prayer over and over, Racial pride is where identity needs to be started, Truth is defined by each individual, all forms of worship are equally valid for it all Worships the one universal supreme power, etc. would not be entertained if the Truth were more widely known. The Word of God does not support that you worship the one true God whether you call him Odin, Buddha, Thor, Confucianism, Mother Earth, or Baal. Again I have digressed.
I manifested the power of holy spirit by speaking in tongues for the first time while taking Classes from the organization described above. The body of Research in Books published with the founders name I still treasure as it references other sources and groups down through the centuries that have known what they teach. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, for example makes it clear in his writings that he did not believe in a trinity, but he was a Christian. If you have not been able to guess the identity of the group yet it is known as The Way International, the founder was Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, I knew him well. I helped take care of his daughter and brother in the IU Med center. I had meals in his home and many other things that the average follower of the Way did not have the privilege to do. Did he ever once say if you do not live on the Words that I utter you are lost? No in no way was he ever presented as a modern day Jesus that could do no wrong. He never taught me to eat out of the garbage pail or dishonor my parents or learn to do without toilet paper. The lies in those books would be laughable if they were not used to keep people from learning to use the tools that are now available to clear up some of the traditional misconceptions about the Word. These tools were not developed or published by the Way. The how of learning to use them is to read the forwards and appendices. Take what is taught and compare it to the Word and see if what you are taught lines up with the text or not. Don’t just go by one verse but check out all the verses that tie in to the subject. Learn the rules of Language, get an 8th grade English grammar text, I still had and have mine. Get a pre WW II unabridged Dictionary where the Biblical usage definitions were still printed as a part of the definitions of the words found in the KJV. Webster stopped doing this as the number of versions of the Bible became so numerous that they could not cite Biblical usage with any certainty. Sometimes the newer translations add clarity sometimes they add confusion. But without using the tools that we have available you would not be able to tell. The goal after all is to get to the point you rightly divide the Word so that you can live and choose to be able to enjoy the blessings that God makes available to his obedient children.
Second I call myself a second hand hoosier, because although I have lived the majority of my life in the hoosier state, I was born in every thing Indiana but the state. Indiana County Hospital, town and county of Indiana but in the state of PA.
And the rest. I use the term Daysman in the title of my blog as Job bewailed he did not have a mediator, a daysman that could help resolve his problems. Jb 9:33 I dare to try to position myself as a mediator for people, to God, to the Word, to a route to better health, to training on advertising within social media guidelines, to just shopping on line. For the last three see my web sites given below. The forth website is for those that want their own shopping site.
So what is up with the r2? Actually I have used that moniker for so long I forget why originally but it has always had more than one meaning. My name Rich was always what the first r was all about. The second r rotates through real, reality, righteous, right, reconciling, redeemed, really and probably a few that I don’t recall right now. Righteous reconciling, and redeemed because they are part of my Sonship rights that God gave me and other born again believers. (Since I mentioned them I guess I should identify them, Redemption, Justification, Sanctification, Righteousness, and the Ministry of Reconciliation, these are our Sonship rights I Co 1:30; 6:11 and II Co 5:18. These rights and privileges are given to us freely, we do not earn them, but we can claim them because God sees us as having and being such. The Wisdom we get from our study and learning to listen to God via the manifestation.) Real and really because when you taste a great desert you might say “wow that was really rich” and in my efforts to enrich your lives I try to always leave the after taste of sweet freedom and success. It is the truth that makes you free after all. I try to dispel the lies and misconceptions that so many are taught that keeps them from the reality of who God wants them to be. Right, because God wants us to rightly divide the Word, because politically I am conservative and that too is considered to be on the right. I try to live my life with gratitude and so that I will be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right things, so that I am able to receive the right reward, so that I have enough to share it forthrightly and graciously.
So you don’t have to look them up, although I suppose as this article ages there is a possibility that these will get outdated, but for now my web sites are:

I apologize for giving you the websites without you asking for them, but if you do not want to investigate other streams of income and/or other wise turn some of your time spent online into a profit for you do not check them out. That is why I say I am an entrepreneur. I do want some of my time spent online to redound to my account. We can sow the seeds of believing but God must needs provide the motivation in others to provide the increase. If you want me to contact you, putting in your contact information at one of these sites is a good way to get that in motion. I hope my sharing about myself in this article has been of service to you. I did not gain the insight that I have been sharing with you about the Bible overnight, I hope my presentations have been cogent and easily understood so that when you check out what I have said by reading the Word (either the verses I have cited or related verses that you come across, I pray that I have been helpful to you, for this is what a Daysman lives for, to be of assistance. As you can see although this article is designed to be autobiographical in nature, I managed to include exposition on the Word because to know me is to also see the Word believed to the best of my ability. I look forward to sharing with you again. Please note the fifth website listed is not mine but a good friend’s, whose site offers some great deals if it is what you are after. Till I share again, Selah


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