Who or What is Holy Spirit?

In my post “A Big Correction,” I pointed out that God was the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and that Jesus was The son of God not God the Son. So Who or What is the final “member” of the mythical trinity. Actually both questions are accurate as the terms Holy Ghost or holy spirit both refer to two separate things. God is Spirit Jn 4:24 and He is Holy which by definition is a characteristic that pertains to a deity. So when you read the words holy spirit in the Bible you ask yourself is this talking about God? However, the words translated holy spirit also refer to something else in New Testament Scripture especially. Jesus made the answer a bit more confusing to some people although that was not his intent by using one of the figures of speech taught in American schools last time I checked and this is personification. In Jn 14- 16 he made reference to a comforter who would replace him as a point of contact to God. This new comforter was able to communicate with people and lead them along the right way of believing.
Acts chapter 2 tells of how this comforter was first given and how people responded to its presence. I Co 12:7-10 and Ga 5:22,23 gives you even more information about this Gift of God. I co 12 states over and over that this gift is energized by the Spirit, that is, God, and states in verse 7 that it is given to every man (the concept that this means “every man in the church” must be understood from the context.) This section of I Co is so honored and yet not apparently believed perhaps because much of what is said appears only in Chapters 12-15 and not any where else in the Word. Yet God indicates it is one of the sections of Scripture that He definitely does not want us to be ignorant of I Co 12:1. In Jesus Christ’s teaching Jn 14:12 We see the reason that Satan, the god of this world, does want us to be ignorant of this part of scripture. If the church would rise up to believing what is written here, the world would be a very different place. If everybody who believes Ro 10:9,10 would set about using the power that is recorded here as being available for profit in these chapters Satan’s powers would obviously be hindered or diminished. If you took to heart that God has enabled you to do the things recorded in verses 8-10 of chapter 12 as a large part of the gift of holy spirit given to you as what is meant by receiving the baptism of holy spirit, you would be ready to believe Jn 14:12 was available to you. Giving voice to Speaking in tongues, Interpretation of tongues and prophecy would be that more sure word of prophecy of II Pe 1:19 that assures us the scriptures are true. Making room in your life and mind to hear, see and understand a word of knowledge, word of wisdom or if the need is there discerning of Spirits will set you up so that you are ready to believe to work miracles or give gifts of healings.
The gift of holy spirit is the believers power base, but the true God gave a gift to all mankind before he gave this wonderful gift to us. He gave to man free will. God does not trample on his gift. The true God does not make you to do anything. You are not instructed in the Word, anywhere that you need to yield control to some force, that you need to be a channel, that you need to allow yourself to be used, God always leaves you in control. You have to discipline yourself, God does not discipline you. If you pay attention to His Word you may get corrected, maybe even humbled, but God loves you and He wants you to make the effort to return that love by showing obedience to using His power and love when making your day by day decisions. The true holy spirit will never tell you to do anything that is at cross purpose to the written word. If you have not been born again you will not be able to understand the New Testament for it is spiritually discerned. You will also never see yourself doing the same type of miracles as Christ did much less greater than those that he did without availing yourself of the power that is promised to you. The church has lost so much with all the divisions and confusions introduced by trying to rectify renamed pagan practices with the truth. Someone once said “a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”. Pagan religion remains just as offensive to Bible believers no matter how close to The Word they rename them. Who is Holy Spirit, God. What is holy spirit, a gift of power from on high that enables you to be who God says you are. When you read in the Word the words Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit you must look in the context to figure out what is meant, God the Father, or the Father’s gift of power that allows the heavenly Father to communicate with His children in a much more personal way than Satan imagined I Co 2:8. This gift of holy spirit is definitely a part of God’s wisdom that allows us to know that the wall of division between Judean and Gentile is torn down as it is available to all believers. I have tried to identify in past blog articles small corrections and a large one that needs to be dealt with, I will no doubt return to this section of scripture to point out a few more that will help you to read and understand this wonderful area but I am already a bit long winded.
Without the power of holy spirit being manifested in your life you are living below God’s expectations for your life and you are not living the more abundant life that Jesus came to make available to you to live. Jn 10:10. Is that harsh? perhaps but I prefer to think of it as another loving call to Christians to wake up and do the Word of God and not be hearers only. We have the power, but so few of us seem to want to learn how to use it. Some spend days wishing they could manifest the power when in reality they simply need to convince themselves that God has enabled them to do it and therefore they should just do it. They have a part to play. In tongues for example they must provide the air across their vocal cords they must use their throat and oral cavity muscles to speak forth the utterance that God is faithful to provide. God will provide what you say but you yourself must do the physical acts of speaking even though you do not understand the syllables you pronounce. If you are born again it is that simple. It is the same with the other manifestations you have to believe that it is available to receive it into your life. With one caveat, all save speaking in tongues and believing are designed to be operated in and for the benefit of the church so that at least you and two other believers are present when you operate them. Note I did not say you need to be in a certain building, the church I am speaking of is in the lives and hearts of those who choose to believe. You try to give a gift of healing to someone who does not believe that it is available you will no doubt be met with disappointment when they refuse to accept it. And as in the case of salvation, this believing is at the heart level. Remember that this manifestation Healing is always a gift. You must always be ready to receive it with gratitude, if another believer offers to give it to you in their believing and yours. Some people get so tired of living that they don’t desire to be healed, others deal with an illness so long they can’t see themselves functioning healthy. With God all things are possible, learn to make your decisions heartfelt, and without doubt. Christians who know who they are are very powerful people. Renew your mind to the fact you have received the gift and expect God to energize your ability to function on a greater level than you can ask or think. Signs, Miracles and Wonders are to be following your footsteps after all.
It has been a while since I have posted anything and I don’t want to lose you folks who have started to follow it because it takes a while to approach this important subject. I asked for some feed back of what I have written so far and it was pointed out that I may have lost some of you because it isn’t necessarily logical that if I point out say the three chapters in John that you my reader will go and read those chapters and note the personification and say so if this is a figure of speech and it is not true to fact how do I process this information? The actions that are described that the holy spirit does for you are things that you can expect to happen in your life as you utilize the power God has given you. This is not a separate entity in the mystery of God, but if it helps you to conceptualize that God has provided for you a way to stay in contact with Him, to communicate with Him, to never be alone when you know Him, this is the thing emphasized by what Jesus is teaching. But it’s still up to you to do that which is necessary to see it in action in your life. When you speak in tongues you must believe that you are speaking directly to God that which He, God wants you to tell Him. Yes it bypasses your understanding but your understanding is limited so God empowers you to go beyond it. This allows you to intercede for your fellow believers even when you know nothing about what is the situation that they need the help to face and be victorious in. God expects you to also pray with your understanding, but this new avenue of prayer is also effectual and needed.
It was shared with me recently a new way to define heart level believing that might help you to do it. It is to believe so big that you are totally convinced that the desired outcome is INEVITABLE. That because you are taking the actions that you know are necessary, that there is nothing that can keep the desired result from occurring. You apply this level of believing consistently and continuously and you see it occur. There are many sources out there, telling you that this can be done if you do this or that, so choose that desired result, set your plan in place, do that which you know you need to do consistently and watch for it to come to pass. If what you have chosen to believe for is what God has promised you is available, it will happen. God is faithful, are you? I will address this again I promise but for now Selah.


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