A Big Correction

I have posted 6 articles previous to this one , to establish for you that I am not putting this out to gain notoriety, to be controversial or to just make some people mad.  My aim is as from the start  to draw the attention of believer’s who think their beliefs are based on the Bible, that they need to pay attention to what is actually written, the details, in the Bible, not to what may have been added in the ensuing centuries since it was first revealed and recorded or to what is said it says.  Because the Bible is the revealed Word and Will of God, it has interconnections,  truths are repeated throughout.  God is eternal and does not change His character or His message.  He, God does not face the same appointments as man, for God is not a man. Nu 23:19;  He 9:27  And one of the things that God does through out the Word is talk and thus reveal the truth about Himself. 

He introduces Himself as the Creator and details in story after story just how he relates and interacts with something He formed, made,  and created on the last day of restructuring the heavens and earth in Ge 1:2 – 2 :3 before he rested.  This is of particular interest to us because if you are reading this, you are more often than not a descendant of that first Adam, the first human being.  The Bible is thus a history book of the significant events in the relationships between man and God, but because God is all knowing it also includes some details of things that have not transpired yet.  Yet in its pages The Bible claims to inform us of everything that pertains to life and godliness II Pe 1:3 as we put into our minds the knowledge of God and the second Adam, Jesus Christ.

  Nearly 300 years after Jesus walked the earth, the newly converted Roman Emperor Constantine claimed he joined the group, without much background knowledge about this group called Christians, a group that before his public and official conversion, the government had persecuted and put group members to death.  He, Constantine, was unsettled because a great controversy about doctrine was raging in his local area.  He decided he would take sides and called those brave enough to identify themselves as leaders of this group together to work out a political policy statement designed to end the controversy. The year was as we would reference it, 325 ad.  Leaders who did not accept the new creed were excommunicated and forced to move out of Rome where Constantine lived.  In trying to end the argument, the creed failed because the side that he (Constantine) took did not agree with what the scriptures said.  A verse was changed at the end of Mt, at another location a scribe wrote something in the margins of a copy he was making that tried to support the new policy statement, but this would be little noted for almost 1200 years.  Christianity was the law of the land but still believers clung to the scriptures and not the new creed labeled the Nicene creed so in 381 they tried again, another creed this time called the Apostles Creed to give it more authority. Still those who had access to scriptures would rebel and the controversy continued.  Eventually the Roman Church would not just excommunicate but kill believers who disagreed about the subject. 

After it’s introduction, it was incorporated into traditional Christian religion, Traditionalist have called the doctrine a cornerstone of the church.  The scriptures say the cornerstone of the church is knowledge of and the foundation laid by the second Adam, Jesus Christ.  Traditionalist claim that the divinity of Jesus is the  great question that determines truth from error.  The scriptures repeatedly identify the mortality of Jesus to be the key.  I Co 15 :13,15 if Jesus did not die and then was not raised from the dead by God, all believing in his name is vain. 

   Jesus Christ has a God and Father, tradition holds that it is a mystery but that he not only has a God and Father he is some how a part of that one true God even though he is a bit different from that God and Father.  Thus when He prayed in Gethsemane, Even though he is God, he was not praying to himself, he was not saying not my will but my will be done.  The related supposition that as God , he really was not sacrificing any thing by pretending to die (since God is an eternal being and therefore cannot die). The reason Jesus could command the winds was that he was God, not that he believed God would act on his behalf.  Jesus could walk on water because he was God, but Peter walked on the water too.  It doesn’t say that when Jesus reached down and saved him that Jesus put him in a rescue hold and they swam the rest of the way back to the boat.  Only God could multiply the loaves and fishes the way Christ did, but there are other times in the Bible where a container of meal or oil did not fail despite the fact that in our “normal” lives they lasted far beyond our “normal” expectations without Jesus being around. ( A side note:  the Hanukkah celebration done to this day by people who claim to be Judeans, celebrates one such reported incidence that is reported to have happened during a 400 year time span the scriptures declare were without a man of god or a prophet).  My Bible reads that God was in Christ reconciling men to Himself and that now He (God) is in me.  We are to do greater works than Jesus did.  I do not read that as I can out do God.

 So when did Jesus get to be God? My Bible says he Jesus, is the same yesterday , today and forever He 13 : 8.  There are many differences between God and Jesus, which of them do not matter? The word specifically says that God is not a man, and that Jesus is.  God is the creator of man, Jesus is the son of man.  Jesus is the second Adam, the second created human being,  No man has seen God at any time, but Jesus was seen by thousands. Jn 1 :18; I Jn 4:12 Jesus had a birth, a death and a resurrection, God is eternal.  God is invisible and has no form or visage, Jesus lives in his glorified human body.  Jesus is on Gods right hand, a position of honor indeed but Jesus does not make Lucifer’s/Satan’s mistake that being in that position of honor makes him equal to God.  We are to make Jesus our Lord, but never once do I see in the scriptures that we are to make him Lord God.  God knew that latter phraseology well,  He uses it elsewhere in reference to Himself many times, but not once concerning Jesus.  The position of god the son is common in pagan belief systems, if as some maintain this is the role Jesus fulfills why in God’s Word is this description never applied to Jesus?  The Word translated “declared” in Jn 1 :18 means that Jesus made known who God is, why then if God is somehow a triune being is there no reference to this in the Word, in any of the direct quotes of Jesus’ teachings or any where else?  The closest they come is the KJV 1 Jn 5:7, which is so universally recognized as not scriptural, that in any other version of the English Bible the words of that KJV verse are not even hinted at (this is that margin note that was at last added to a manuscript in the year 1522 ad).  The New King James and in the italics of verse 8 in the Amplified Bible are the notable exceptions.</p>

<p>There is what they call the great commission Mt 28:19.  Note the position of this verse at the end of a book where there was room to add things at the end of a scroll.  This verse is suspect for at least 2 reasons.  One: it supposedly is one of the last things Christ instructed the apostles to do, if it is the last thing Jesus told them that would place the timing of it just 10 days before Pentecost. 28 AD.  Why then was it not adhered to in the baptisms done that day as recorded in Ac 2:38.  Or in any of the other baptisms recorded as performed by members of the church that started that day.  There are 4 other baptisms recorded in Acts, none in the name of the Father, son and Holy Ghost (Spirit).  If the Church was to forget anything that Jesus taught them, the Holy Spirit was to bring it back to their memory, yet in the book that is to contain everything that pertains to life and Godliness, there is no evidence that the Holy Spirit ever did remind them of this baptismal formula even though it had at least 5 opportunities that are recorded to do so.  And two: the end of Matthew is quoted by the early Christian writers over 60 times in mss that have been preserved for us that would read if translated (first Word and last 4 words) “go … baptizing in my name”, which the five recorded baptisms do agree with and follow.  

While there are mysteries in the Bible, things that once were mysteries, once revealed are not to remain mysteries De 29:29.  The mystery of Jesus Christ is known but it is not identified as how Jesus was totally human and totally God at the same time Ep 6:19; Cl 4:3.  Rather that by the obedience of one man, life was made available to all Ro 5:19; Ep 2:15.  Any other ratio of mixture of man and God besides 100 % and 100 % is also not supported.  Holy Spirit before Pentecost 28 ad was placed upon a man with conditions, thus when Saul refused to do as God instructed, His anointing of Holy Spirit that was given to him to help him be King was lost or removed.  Jesus as the second Adam had Holy Spirit as a part of his life as well and this he had to empty himself of in order to accept death even though death was not earned by sin.  God is holy and God is spirit therefore to be found in the image (KJV form) in Pp 2:6 of God is to have holy spirit.   Jesus thought it not a thing to be grasped to be equal with God. (this is a translation of that verse that I can’t locate just now but I believe it was known as Moffat’s).  Just because you have Holy Spirit you are not to be puffed up as if you are a big shot.  This remaining humble is a part of making Jesus Lord, you follow his (Jesus ) example.  You do not think of yourself more highly than you ought to think.  This also does not mean you always consider your self to be a wretch or a worm you are after all a part of God’s family.  The new birth renewed mind is always a balance.

    By drawing attention to the detail that Jesus is the son of God over 50 times in the Word but never once God the son, am I seeking to diminish the importance of my Lord? No emphatically no,  but I elevate God my heavenly father to his unrivaled position of the Supreme Being and Creator of the Universe.  This is still a hard lesson for someone to learn after being raised a traditionalist.  Giving up what has been taught as foundational is not easy but details in the Bible just do not support the tradition.  I know it took me over 2 years of study to convince myself when I was first confronted that I had been taught to read into the scriptures something that just is not there.  The thing that separated the Judean nation from the rest of the world was monotheism that is, they only had one God.  God is the source of mathematics as well as all other true knowledge, He does not suddenly transform from a single being into a three personality unity to please a converted pagan Emperor.  1 plus one plus one is three not 1.  Who or what is holy spirit will have to wait for another article a hint is that these two words are explained by the context in which they appear.  There is of course more scriptures that the traditionalist learn to read into the idea of trinity, but just as the word trinity is not in scripture neither is the concept.  I invite you to please comment if you think I am overlooking something to arrive at my conclusion about this big correction but I warn you I wrestled with the then about 24 versions of the English Bible and used my Concordances and Lexicons and Interlinear and a number of Commentaries as well as some non Biblical sources to study this exhaustively before I could see through my training as a traditionalist to see what the scriptures actually say.  I have returned to it a few times as I shared it with others which is why I preceded this presentation with lead up articles because it is a shock to the unprepared mind that traditional teaching is not all that it is said to be.  There are many traditional teachers out there that think they are Bible based believers.  The Bible refers to them several times the most disconcerting reference in Mt 7:22,23.  Do not be among those that deny Jesus came as a human, that is in the flesh See I Jn 4:2,3 and II Jn 7.  It is that big of a deal.  I close with a word I have never seen outside of the Bible or in a reference to the Bible, It means I am told “think on these things”.  Selah.


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