Why is the Bible, THE Bible

Courses in comparative religion maintain that all foundational ancient writing is just as valid as any other. Thus all forms of Worship of a higher power cannot be judged as right or wrong. The Koran, the book of Morman, the works of Confucius, and the source books of Buddhism and Hinduism should thus share the same respect and place of veneration as say the Bible does. The problem with that view is that while there may be areas that they agree on, they do contradict one another in many aspects of the revelation of the divine. The Bible makes many claims about its authority and inspiration that if true, does not allow the other writings to be just as true to the source, i.e. God. Some of the religions of the World are no longer in vogue. I did not site the source book for Worship of Baal, Ra, or Jupiter for example as I am not aware that they are in competition in the minds of the World as much today as they were in Biblical times. The Bible would differentiate them as worship of gods as opposed to the worship of God. In Jo 10: 33, Jesus was accused of representing himself as a god by the Judeans (note carefully the answer Jesus gave in response to the accusation in the following verse, thus the capitalization in the text is in error or his response makes no sense). If all forms of worship honor the same God, why all the denouncement of pagan worship in the Bible. It is present though out the Bible. If the Bible is true, and I believe it is and Jesus said it was see Jn 17 :17. then there is one true God and many false gods. When we act as the hands and feet of the one true God we are said to be gods to others Ps 82: 6. But most of us are smart enough not to put ourselves in competition for the title of true God. Satan was not and look at his end.
Making the decision to acknowledge Jesus as Lord of your life precludes the recognition that all these other texts are also valid and true. Do we then teach hate for those who do recognize them as true? As Paul said many times God forbid. It is not by their hate ye shall know them, but by the works that reflect our love. We (Bible believing Christians) hate the actions that result from not following God’s Word not the people who carry out those actions. Loving our enemies does not mean getting unequally yoked to them, but we leave the vengeance to God. Jn 10 : 10 God is not the thief, neither is the son of God that comes to make life more abundantly available to us. We can learn a lot from the Mosaic law, but we Christians are not bound to do it. The ten Commandments are thus instructive but not binding. The role of the Mosaic law is to let us know what sin is. It is a school teacher but we are to be graduates not remain students. (before I leave the 10 commandments I want to point out another small correction the 6th commandment would be better understood if the word translated kill were more exclusively translated murder, after all God tells the Judeans (house of Israel) to kill many people in the wars that were to follow and God does not lie or contradict himself.

I had better back up there, I do not mean that we can stop learning, only that the old testament is useful if we do not know its lessons, but Jesus is the end of that law to us. We are free to go beyond those lessons to reflect and represent God’s love, grace, and mercy to those we come in contact with as the ambassadors of Christ. It is God’s love that we are to respond to, when we seek salvation Jn 3: 16. It is not the fear of Hell that is to be our motivation. Too many people are taught to be afraid of God not to reverence Him. And then people wonder why God gets blamed for the work of God’s adversary. This oft results in people breaking the loving relationship that is the hallmark of an informed relationship. When they are faced with the aftermath of an “act of God” which should be known as an “act of god” they do not get mad at the devil. The devil is the god of this world II Co 4:4. The devil is the thief and the father of lies. He and his devil spirits orchestrate the acts of god.

I posited in my post “History and a Small Correction” that a lie, when compared with the truth sticks out like a sore thumb. This statement reflects a world view. Perhaps we should look at it from another perspective, The truth sticks out like a healthy thumb when contrasted with the lies that are the background, a background too many know better than they know the truth. People get impressed and drawn to God by a miracle that is brought to their attention. For a short while they get excited and sing God’s praises. The Word notes that the gift of holy spirit is given to every man (the understood context every man in the church, every man who has been baptized with holy spirit) is enabled, empowered to manifest the working of miracles I Co 12 :10. Of course this is rarely taught but we are to do greater works than our big brother, Jesus Christ see Jn 14:12 and Ro 8:39. Miracles should thus be much more prevalent than they are, but for the ignorance of the church of what they should be doing. The Bible is The Bible because when the gospel message is believed, Miracles happen. The message that has remained true for at least 6000 years now is not diminished. The goodness of God still leads to repentance and Salvation. If you can decide and you choose to accept God’s plan of Salvation, then a miracle happens.

As you grow in the knowledge of what God’s Word says, your soul prospers and you should see more miracles come to pass in your life III Jn 2. God makes many promises to you in His Word. The more you know, the more you can claim. When you make room in your life for our heavenly Father and His son to be active on your behalf, which you do by thinking in harmony with those promises that have been freely given to you, the results are to be as sure as your believing in God’s ability to perform that which he committed to you. Doubt, worry, and fear are your enemies in this believing contest. God votes for you, the devil votes against you, but you decide the election. Trust, confidence, and faith are your building blocks. Do your best, Expect the best, and Thank God for taking care of the rest. Believing is an action verb, it is not Sufficient to mentally assent, to only hope that God stands behind His Word. Don’t hold grudges. If you repented and asked forgiveness, accept God’s grace and mercy. Make restitution if restitution is due and wait for God’s deliverance and rewards. Resist the devil and he will flee. Ro 12:1 Live for God and be thankful for that which he allows you to see and do as you apply His Word to your day to day life. God’s Word rightly divided is truth and the truth does not set you free it makes you free. If your knowledge of the Word condemns you and makes your life smaller and less worth living than you do not know what the Word is saying as you ought. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all, if your decisions are based on and in the light, your joy and rejoicing will come to pass. You will be able to be victorious. Nothing can separate you from God’s love Ro 8. Your liberty is not dependent on man’s actions, your liberty is from a knowledge of the truth Ga 5:1. God magnified His Word above His name, He signs the check you get to cash it Ps 138 : 2.
The Bible is the Bible because when you mix your knowledge of the Word with believing, the treasures you lay up for yourself in heaven greatly exceed the blessings you experience in your mortal life, but they do not keep God from showering His love and blessings into your mortal life either. You will be able to enjoy life both now and then. Look to the nightly news and you will be rewarded with bad news from Somewhere, Look to the scriptures you will find good news for your life for now and forever from the true God. Believing that the Bible is The Bible is always a freewill choice, but it is also an entrance into a supportive family with the one true God as your heavenly Father, His only begotten son as your lord and savior and a multitude of brothers and sisters in Christ that you are to not forsake fellowshipping with. You make the effort to share your knowledge of God’s Word with others and it won’t be long before you discover likeminded believers with whom you may share the family relationship with. Those that do not believe may ask you to leave them alone but you will encounter your family that will welcome you as well.


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