Thy Word is Truth

More verses in the Bible are recording what happened in the last week of Jesus Christ’s life than any other week in the (according to some estimates) slightly over 4100 years of human history that are written about in what is accepted as the canonized scriptures, other wise known as the Holy Bible.  This is why that week is referred to by many professing Christians as the pivotal week in history.  Before it there were two classifications of people, those to whom the one true God had a ongoing relationship and the others.  From Abraham to the day of Pentecost of 28 ad most of those who had a relationship with the one true God were known to the rest of the world as Judeans.  and the Word that has come down to us for the rest were Gentiles.   The Scriptures were written by and in the hands of the Judeans during this time period.  Thus the ascribed preeminence for the Judeans in the book of Romans.  Judeans put much faith in the concept of blood line that differentiated them from the others, but careful consideration of the scriptures shows that the bloodline was never a sole consideration as far as God was concerned for even the genealogy of Jesus Christ has people from outside the bloodline involved in a significant way.  Rehab and Ruth to name 2.  God lets it be known by what He inspired the prophets and others who wrote down the scriptures that What matters to God is believing.  Believing in Him as God and believing in His Word as the Truth.  Much of the old testament is dedicated to the recording of prospering people who believe and the losses of wealth and winning ways of those who turn away from the Word as the Truth.   After the day of Pentecost, The Bible reports a third group of people, the Church of the body of Christ.

This Church is not a building on the corner, or composed of a group of people that have been baptized in water to a certain formula or method that is exclusively relegated to be only those who have signed on the bottom line of a denominations membership rolls.  The theme of believing in the truth of God’s Word, of accepting God’s plan of Salvation, that is succinctly recorded in two verses Romans 10: 9,10, this is what the Bible records as defining this third group of people.  This third group of people supplant the Judeans as “the chosen ones of God” .   The word Israel means the beloved of God and the believers that were first called Christians in Antioch are identified as the Israel.   Believing Jesus Christ’s statement “Thy Word is Truth”.   Believing that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.  This sets the true Christians apart.  And again it sets them apart from who?  It sets them apart from the Judeans and the rest of the people of the world.  It is an exclusive club.  Not that difficult to meet the requirements to join but never the less an exclusive group.  People who do not believe in the truth of God’s Word often rise to take exception to those they label Conservative Christians.  They use labels like bigot, racist, unloving people haters, and the like to show their disapproval of people who recognize that God recognizes them as particularly blessed.  The problem I have with such labels is I see no barriers to a particular race or type of people in the 2 verses referenced above.  God’s invite to this exclusive club is as broad and as all inclusive as anything can be.  Whosoever is the word used, so if you are a who and you live in this “ever”  you have the ability to join the group.  How can this be bigoted or racist?

Race by the way is a man made concept that has no truth behind it.  You find me one verse that actually labels people only of a certain bloodline in the Bible (I already pointed out that the history of the old testament Judeans is replete with non descendants of Abraham) and I might support that view.  Paul in the first 8 chapters of Romans goes to great lengths to show that those who try to assert this view just do not get the belief aspect of that identity.  It is the conviction in your heart that matters, not the color of your skin, your ability to track ancestors or any other litmus test that you might in your mind try to come up with to find out who does and does not qualify.  And by the way God identifies Himself as the one who knows a persons heart.  He does not leave it up to a pastor, rabbi, reverend,  pope, bishop, elder, or any other title by which you might claim identifies you and only you.  Your works are said to be indicative of your heart, For out of the heart are the issues of life.

There have been many things done in the name of religion that go directly against the Words in the Word.  This is not God’s fault.  In fact speaking of thing’s not being God’s fault, it amazes me as well that so much is put at God’s feet that are not His doing at all.  The power to kill for example is assigned by so many as something God decides.  They are calling and labeling God a thief, see the gospel of John 10:10  The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself and His plan of Salvation that was fulfilled by His only begotten son, a man from Galilee.  Nowhere does God identify himself as a thief.  If you refuse to believe, the return of Christ will come upon you as unexpectedly as a thief in the night but that is as close as the Word gets to identifying God’s actions to a thieves.

To return for a second to the invite, a who is an alive person, one who can decide, make choices.  and this ever time frame we are currently a part of is the time between the day of Pentecost 28 ad and whenever God the father decides to send His son back to gather the body of Christ together.  No one on earth knows when that will be, we are just told to be ready.  If I am mentioning a few details that you don’t quite identify with don’t worry I will eventually get around to clarifying those details, as I shared in my first post Details do matter.  There is a series of books written recently by people who claim to be Bible prophecy experts, yet they miss this truth and thus the left behind series leaves the realm of plausible fictional accounts of the next ever and truth.  Salvation through the belief in Jesus Christ as Lord will not be available to the “tribulation Saints”.   It is not for that time period, It is for now.  I Co 13:8 clearly states that that knowledge, (the knowledge that enables speaking in tongues, a manifestation of the gift of Salvation, i.e. Holy Spirit) shall vanish away, verse 13 identifies when.  When we see Jesus face to face i.e. at the gathering together II Th 2:1.  Jehovah’s witnesses maintain that this takes a long time, indeed maintain it has been happening since (if I remember correctly ) 1912.  Again a missing of detail from the scripture.  According to scripture we (the church) all get to heaven to join Jesus Christ there at the Same time.  I Th 4 :13-18.  Nowhere in Scripture is it indicated that this is a recurring event.  It marks the beginning of the return of Jesus Christ to the earth.  In this event Jesus does not ever get physically on the earth, we meet him in the air.  It is when he comes back with his saints that we join him in cleaning house and preparing for the resurrection of the just.

I could expand on this for many hours but I think I had better close for now.  The point of this posting is it is belief in the truth of God’s Word that makes the difference.  There are a few words or phrases in our Current Bibles that from research into the message as a whole do not belong but they are the exception not the rule.  99% of the time you must read what is written and consider the details of it as accurate.  If you think the details present a contradiction, that is when you take a closer look because God does not change.  He does not contradict himself.  He makes us promises,  Sometimes he allows us time to change the circumstances so that the results are different, but unless we do the minimum of what he requests we will reap that which we sow and we live and die but once.  It thus behooves us to choose wisely.  After we do Romans 10:9,10  Salvation is by grace.  Mercy is abundant. Eternal life is Ours.  We can affect the quality of that eternal life but little else. but this all hints at future posts.   Not all my posts will be so Word centered.  But I promise it will come up again.  Below I put a related article I have not read all this pastor teaches but I read this article and while he makes a great many great points He still misses Acts 1:5 however.  The Christian baptism is not a water baptism, it is total immersion in holy spirit.   We are not Judeans needing to prepare for the coming of the messiah — this is the stated purpose of John’s baptism of water.  The messiah is already here and his baptism is what we need not John’s.  But again that is a whole different post.  The baptism of the messiah results in our ability to manifest holy spirit see I Co 12 – 14 (yes that is three chapters, but three power packed informational ones that are diamonds for believers) .  Stay tuned for more .  Later.


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