Details do matter

In this world of information overload and hi definition everything, I find it amazing, amusing and a bit discouraging that in general people do not get the principle.  Details matter.   In banking where that decimal point is located is very important.  the more pixels you have the more you can see details.  When you need to leave out details, in Summaries and overviews, sometimes the message gets lost or distorted if the reader does not have similar experiences or at least some way to identify with the experience described.  Access to the details has a way of clearing up the miscommunications that arise when too many of the details are missing.

There are times that we prefer not getting all the details, when we are not all that interested in the story or they are unpleasant reminders of things in stories we are all too familiar with.  For example when our pet reenters the house and we find out that it reeks of something, we really do not care to know exactly what it was that our pet rolled around in while it was out.  We simply want to clean it up and return to our more common pleasant smelling friend.  Yes the unpleasant odor was communicating a story but it just is not of interest to us, so we want to eliminate the gory details and pretend that the source of the odor was not of that great of interest to our pet.  Our brains use habits to allow us to tune out the dull day to day details that are a part of our day to day lives.    Our senses are capable of picking up so many details that if we did not have some way to eliminate some of them we would all be constantly over loaded with info all of our lives.   So why am I writing that details matter.

The difference between success and failure in any endeavor is to be found in the details.   The ones we choose to overlook can come back to haunt us if we ever find ourselves wanting to think about what could have been if only….    And so our life story is one that we control by taking in details,  learning habits that either process those details as important or not and getting results that are as predictable and true to the laws of profitability as well as the laws of failure.  In every life there are things that we do that either contribute to our success or failure.  We decide to develop the necessary habits so that the details we need to be aware of are indeed the ones that we pay attention to.  The navigation through life is dependent upon which details we note and hold onto and which we let slide by and sometimes let go into oblivion.  We need to live within our means.  This means that some of us should not try to keep up with the Joneses because our incomes are not the same as the Jones family.  Before we try to keep up with the other guy we need to take care of the detail of earning the same as the other guy.   Then examine whether or not what the other guy is doing is really what we want to do with our limited amount of time we have in our lives.  Our mortal lives are after all short and limited.    That is one of those details most of us, for most of our mortal lives tend to try to ignore.

Most of us find a well detailed Car pleasing to our senses.  What is a car?   A mode or vehicle of transportation.  What is our body?  The vehicle that we live in in our mortal lives.  We should learn to detail our bodies to experience our preferred lives.   We don’t all have to get to the exact same standards as others, that is not what I am talking about here.  We do not all need to have the ideal abs or biceps that again that guy down the street has.  However we will be more successful if we learn the habits that allow us to do those activities that we are attracted to.   If we are over indulgent in some aspects of our lives we will not accomplish our desired outcomes in others.  As one of the things that really is taught in the Bible moderation is a great key to our success.  Find out the nutrition that our bodies need and then seek out the best way that you can afford to meet that minimum daily amount of  nutrition.  Once you have the proper nutrition coming in,  find out the minimum required calories you need to burn up to keep in the desired shape.    Find an activity or more that allows your body to stay limber and capable of performing to your capacity and  desired mobility and make it a habit to get that exercise done daily.  Have not we all heard these things taught to us in our lives but the details of getting them done, way too many of us ignore.   As a result we end up not in our desired positions in life but on the sidelines tempted to be contemplating the if only question.   The sad fact is it often is only t

he difference of what we choose to do in a 10 to 20 minute time frame of our daily lives that can make or break our successes and failures.

Setting aside a short time each day for prayer, daily self improvement, reaching out to help and reaching out to get help each day can make all the difference  in the world in what quality of life we live.   One definition of life that I do not recall where I got it from, but has stood  me in good staid in keeping my mindset in proper balance is Life is a choice.   God said to  Israel I have set before you life and death therefore choose life.   Every time we make a choice we prove to ourselves that we are living.   Our downfall is that many times the decisions we make are chosen by inactivity and laziness.  We don’t actively think about or choose to do this or that but as a result we end up doing that which we really do not want to do. That is. we do that which we feel we must do instead of what we want to do.  This more often than not leaves us living below par, angry at the world, wondering why we are not happy and blessed.

I used the word mindset above.   It is a concept that again can make all the difference in the World in determining your quality of life.   Things happen in life that we have no control of.  Decisions that others choose to make can and often do impact our lives, but the mindset that we have determines to a large extent how much it does that.  The events of July 20, 1969 make a big difference to some people and others have relegated them to oblivion.  The audio quality we are told changed the quote that is remembered from what was actually said but because for most the correction made no impact despite the originator drawing attention to the detail, “A small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind”  Still more of the earths entire population was watching and listening to that event than any other event in history at the time it happened.  There are people that have a mindset that does not allow the reality of that moment to be reflective of the truth.    The doomsayers that maintain this is the last year of life as we know it maintain that it does not matter,  but  it represents a pivotal moment in the history of man reaching out to explore the universe.

With that I am going to close this intro post to my blog.  The theme I am sure I will return to from time to time, Details matter.  I hope there are those people out there that will find value in what I have shared.  As always I the originator of this sharing have found value in it, other wise there is no reason for a blogger to blog.  Last I guess I should share a bit of the title for my blog A daysman is a mediator, a reconciler.  I think of myself as one who has lived and studied the Word of truth.  I therefore will update from time to time my efforts to reconcile inquiring minds with the body of truth about God and life that I believe I have acquired in my consciousness in the hope that I help others to revel in the freedom that comes with the knowledge of the truth.  Truth is what makes us free and having the freedom to choose is what to me makes for a quality filled life.


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