The Word of God

The Word of God, The Holy Bible, is the reason for my blog. The Canonized Christian rulebook for faith and practice has been recognized by the ruling bodies of the Christian Church as having 66 books, 39 of the old testament that were recognized by Jesus as scriptural and 27 books of the “new Testament” that were accepted between 230 ad and 393 ad The referenced listing in 393 states that the 27 were long recognized as in the canon of scripture. While the 230 list does not include 5 that would eventually be accepted. There are some that say limiting the authoritative nature of the books to 27 was the last thing done by early church Fathers in hopes they would eventually be used to settle the fight over the correctness of the Creeds that were being pushed on the church by Rome in 325 and 385 ad but the canon was accepted before the Creeds were as they were still in much dissension about the creeds thus the reason for the 385 meeting to redo the Nicene creed and the resulting Apostles creed was still not widely accepted. The Roman church would eventually start executing those who did not accept the creeds so all dissent eventually was suppressed. The battle continues as the creeds are not supported by scripture and my blog continues the battle because the Scriptures should be the definer of what we believe and not traditions that reflect the creeds and other pagan practices that were a part of Roman mythology. I hope my articles help you define your Christian walk to more accurately reflect the scriptures that are the Word of God.